Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as appeal blog Mascot, Vol. 319

Crab cakes, tuna tacos as well as wonderful turkey crisps, feline intrigue as well as politicking, tons of tail twitching as well as furtive glances — I tell ya, there’s nothing rather like a Tabs the feline Halloween masquerade Ball.

Don’t fail to remember to inspect your mailbox this week since the invites have gone out, as well as if this year’s gala is anything like last year’s, it’ll be one of the most popular parties of the year.


As you may recall, last year’s sphere was the scene of a foiled plot to push Vladimir Puss ‘N’ Mau off the banister directly on top of Tabs, as well as the culprit feline was never caught. He fled the scene using a teddy bear mask as well as disappeared into the night…

But that wasn’t the only shocking development. We likewise discovered some vandalism in Tabs’ study, the words “CL was here” scratched into an antique desk.

This year, we truly beefed up security, though, so we’re hoping that nothing nefarious happens. It would be a pity to have something overshadow the costumes.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Speaking of that, here’s a new Halloween feline makeup tutorial by Tabs… hope you like.


Primer — opt for one that fits your fur type; I went with an anti-aging formula for dry or combination fur.

Full-coverage black cream stick foundation — Matte, velvet or shimmer. The surface is completely as much as you, however I like a sheen finish, which has a hint of glossy shine.

Black liquid nose as well as cheek tint — liquid nose as well as cheek tints are simple to blend as well as layer, which is why I like working with them. like the cream stick foundation, you have a great deal of space to play in terms of finish. I ended up sticking with the exact same sheen surface for the benefit of continuity.

Black kohl pencil — Black liner instantaneously intensifies your look.

Golden yellow contacts — A fun additional touch.

Kabuki brush

Beauty Blender


Pour a blob of primer into your paw. blend the primer by going in the direction of your fur, not against it. wait a few minutes for your primer to totally dry before moving on to the next step.

Gently massage a full-coverage black cream stick foundation into your fur with your paws, swirling as well as tapping up until the foundation covers a lot of of your natural fur color as well as markings. Buff away any type of heavy areas with a kabuki brush, as well as repeat the process up until you reach the level of protection you want. likewise take care to smooth out any type of patchy areas.

Dot a multi-purpose black liquid nose as well as cheek tint on your nose as well as whisker pads, then stipple as well as blend utilizing a appeal Blender sponge to thoroughly blend the product.

Rim your water lines as well as lash lines with a black kohl pencil to improve your illusion of black cat-ness.

Optional: if you want to go the additional mile, apply golden yellow contacts.

(NOTE: No cats got actual makeovers in the preparation of this tutorial…even though I’m sure you already understood that. however still, please don’t put makeup on your kitty cat.)

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