PUR Eye polish cream Shadow: A quick formula for Lustrous Lids

using PUR Eye polish in velvet on my lids as well as Suede on my lower lash lines
Despite the most likely horror movie-influenced truth that the “Eye Polish” in PUR Eye polish cream shadow makes me believe of somebody spit-shining my eyeballs, these $26 cream shadows aren’t sinister at all.

They’re really quite darned rad!


The PUR Eye polishes ($26 each)
I mentioned one of of the shades, shimmery, smoky golden olive Caviar in my gold as well as olive Fall-Tastic deal with of the Day last week. Caviar is one of the six shades, all of which work excellent as bases, as primers for powder shadows or all by their lonesome as traditional cream shadows.

They vary in terms of shimmer, with some being more pearlescent as well as less metallic than others. Caviar clocks in at “glittery to the extreme.”

Among the other shades are bronzed opalescent Suede; shimmery, plummy fuchsia Velvet; shimmery champagne apricot Silk; pearlescent pale pink Satin as well as pearlescent champagne Cashmere.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

The PUR Eye polishes in their pots
Now, just since these are available in bit pots doesn’t mean they’re as dense as MAC paint Pots or as spongy as the Chanel illusion D’Ombres. They have an usual formula the likes of which I don’t believe I’ve ever seen before. It’s thinner than usual…almost like a liquid shadow, however not quite.

Picture a extremely thin, runny mousse.

And, yes, I suggest keeping yo’ digits on hand (HAHAHA, LAME pun ALERT!), since the silicone applicator they come with? — almost useless. The few times I utilized it, the product went on patchy as well as uneven.

PUR Eye Polishes

I much prefer to pat a bit on my lids with a finger (they’re super pigmented), as well as then utilize a fluffy domed eyeshadow clean like the MAC 217 to quickly blur the edges.

Um…did I state quickly?

Because I should have.

I should likewise state it again: QUICKLY. since these set in seconds. Literally. like 30-40 of them, so act fast. No dilly-dallying. When I sit down to utilize these, I always have my clean at the ready.

PUR Eye polish swatches from the left in Cashmere, Caviar, Satin, Silk, Suede as well as Velvet
Applied properly, these last at least eight or nine hours for me without a primer (and without creasing).

That’s great stuff, homie.

As a note for my mature makeup-lovin’ ladies, since these are extremely shiny, you may want to keep them low on your lids as well as prevent drawing them as well high up into the crease, where they might highlight fine lines. If you do accidentally bring them as well far up as well as see a great deal of fine-line action, tons your preferred domed clean with a coordinating matte, as well as sweep that ish into the crease.

Wearing PUR Eye polish in velvet on my lids as well as Suede on my lower lash lines
But if you don’t care about that as well as just want to go for it as well as take these up all the method from lash line to brow bone, shoot, girl, go for that molten metallic marvelousness! I’m sure you’ll look quite damn incredible.

Loving these right meow! — as well as I’m keeping my fingers as well as toes crossed that PUR releases a matte version.


If these catch yo’ fancy, you can discover them now at Ulta stores as well as online.

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