Benefit’s new Lavender Pink Lollitint Cheek and Lip Tint Is pretty Sweet!

I’ve been using Benefit’s cheek and lip spots off and on for the better part of, oh, the past 13 years (give or take).

In my early 20s, Benetint was completely my jam, and I used everything the time. In fact, I traveled the country spreading the gospel of its wonders to the makeup masses!


OK, not really. but I do remember driving across Washington specify with my ex-boyfriend and his two teen nieces in 1999 to see a concert at The Gorge.

It was the first time I saw Beyonce in concert (*tears*), and as I was putting on my makeup in the car, one of the women asked me about the bottle of Benetint in my makeup bag. I was thrilled by her interest and did two unscripted makeovers best there.

Part of me desires I’d taken that as a sign to pursue a job in beauty, but alas, it was a hint I completely ignored at the time. I mean, when you feel compelled to help two teens discover the wonders of lip and cheek spots in a cramped Subaru, it’s gotta be a sign.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Anywho, even though all of us had vastly different skin tones, Benetint looked terrific on all of us, and I think that’s one of the reasons Benefit’s tints are so attractive — the colors seem to work well on everyone!

I’m hoping (and betting) that’ll also be the case with Lollitint, the newest member of the benefit tint family.

Sweet tooth states what now??
Worn sheer on me, Lollitint appears like a very sweet lavender pink, but build it up with multiple layers, and you get a brighter, intensely purple-pink fuchsia.


Now, I know that the thought of using violet on your deal with might seem a bit frightening at first, especially if you’ve always stuck to conventional pinks and peaches, but please give it a chance. This one’s surprisingly wearable — shockingly so on cheeks.

A lolly for all occasions…
Like Benefit’s other tints, Lollitint works finest on me when I apply it on bare skin. For some reason, the liquid formula lasts longer when there aren’t a lot of other deal with products up in the mix. If it’s just Lollitint on top of bare cheeks, I get a good 8-9 hours of wear.

That said, Lollitint does do pretty well on top of BB creams and tinted moisturizes, as long as I only use very little. too much of either, and Lollitint starts acting difficult, refusing to absorb as evenly as it does when I wear it by itself.

Sugar high!
How about using it with liquid foundations? Well, I think I’ve found a way…

If I swipe a few strokes of Lollitint on the back of my hand first, and then take a dense synthetic foundation clean (I’m utilizing one from last year’s Sephora Collection IZAK clean Set), press and swirl the clean head into the liquid to help the bristles pick up as much of the product as possible, and then press the clean on the apples of my cheeks utilizing a tapping motion and a moderate amount of pressure, it works well! — and I get the blush on there good and even without messing up the foundation underneath.

Swatches of Lollitint unblended (left) and mixed (right)

I like Lollitint as a lip tint, too. I have to apply 2-3 layers to really get it to show up on my pigmented lips, though, and you may want to make sure that you aren’t using anything else on your lips as a base, because even if I’m just using a layer of lip balm under it, Lollitint won’t adhere as well as it does on my bare lips. Plus, if there are any flakes present whatsoever, Lollitint will cling to ’em (so not cute).

Wearing benefit Lollitint on my cheeks and lips and too dealt with chocolate Bar combination on my eyes
Lollitint is fun and easy to use (especially if you use it by itself) and ought to suit makeup minimalists who want a bit of color on their cheeks. If you have a young niece or daughter beginning to show an interest in blush (or you’re a blush newbie yourself!), I think it’s a good starter blush, too.


Officially, the release date is January 2014, so your nearby benefit counter may or may not have it in stock yet, but if you can’t wait, head over to, where it is currently available now on the internet ($30 for a 4-ounce bottle).

PRICE: $30
AVAILABILITY: Coming soon to benefit counters but available now on the internet at
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