Ever since I started using These Milani Gold label nail Lacquers, spring Fever has Been Spreading From My Fingers to My Toes

The new $4.69 Milani Gold label spring 2014 nail polishes
V současné době…

I am using a tabby tee shirts covered in feline hair (without a sweatshirt for the very first time in months)

I have shine around my hands

My hair is up in a scrunchie

The windows are open, as well as there’s a nice breeze blowing with my office

There’s only one thing that might make this moment better… Oh, look at that! Je to tady. The 12 new Milani Gold label nail polishes.


This all seems as well great to be true…

Wait — perhaps I’m dreaming. Karen, wake up! get up, get up, get up!

Nope, I assumption not. I assumption this is real, as well as look — it’s even 70-something degrees outside.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Cat woman states what now?

It’s gotta be these new $4.69 Gold label polishes (part of a new Milani line). The springy, cheerful colors — six creams as well as six glitters in lively pinks, purples, greens, blues as well as corals — must be contagious. Seeing them on my paws, I almost fail to remember it’s still winter as well as that tomorrow isn’t the day of the huge Easter egg hunt.

Like the polishes in Milani’s routine nail Lacquer line, these new USA-made Gold label lacquers are DBP-, toluene- as well as formaldehyde-free.

They likewise have a mightier brush, or rather, a flatter clean that I believe makes them a bit easier to use. perhaps that’s why they expense a tad more ($4.69 each versus $4.49).

I’m not sure yet about the formula — if it’s different than Milani’s routine polish formula — since I haven’t had sufficient time with them yet, however I’ll understand more by tomorrow. I’ll let you understand what I discover out.

They definitely do seem thick (think Essie) as well as smooth, as well as the flat clean is great. Makes it simple to paint nice, crisp edges along the bottom of my nails.

I do notice that I have to be cautious about unloading the clean before applying to make sure I don’t lay down as well much polish. They are rather thick.

Here’s a quick look at the 12 shades coming next month. Ach! In each of these pics, I’m using two layers.

Showy Sea-Green
Popping Pink
Splendid Strawberry

Colorful Coral
Vivid Violet
Power Periwinkle
Sugar Rush
Sugar Burst
Sugar High
Cukrová třtina
Sugar Rim
Keep an eye out for the Milani Gold label nail Lacquer line at CVS stores as well as milanicosmetics.com next month.

Vaše přátelská společenství krása závislý,



P.S. I can’t believe it was in the 70s right here today. It sure didn’t feel like mid-January. Of course, I only got outside for a minute (Tabs never provides me any type of time off), during which time I daydreamed about playing hooky as well as shooting pics of cherry blossoms with my camera.

How’s it going out yonder way? What were you as much as today?

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