Practical stuff I Like: The new Baylis & Harding Goodness natural Hand washes at Target, a budget Beauty’s version of Molton brown

fancy (but totally affordable) hand washes at Target from across the pond
What song do you sing when you’re washing your hands? Normally, I sing “Happy Birthday” to Keanu Reeves two or three times to keep it simple (because Keanu ?), but sometimes I veer into prince territory (“She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you get at a secondhand store. Raspberry beret, and if it was warm she wouldn’t wear much more. Raspberry beret. I think I love her.”)

I would wear his blue suit with clouds in a heartbeat to Trader Joe’s.

’tis a sign of the (pandemic) times when one gets their thrills from testing different hand soaps… Seriously, the bar for my amusement is set so low now!


So…I like to try new hand soaps, and right now I’m into Baylis & Harding Goodness natural Handwashes, a new line of vegan liquid hand soaps at Target.

They smell fancy! The scents have notes, base notes, middle notes — the whole shebang — and they lather up into big, luscious bubbles. think Molton Brown, but at a drugstore price.

They’re made in the UK and don’t contain parabens, silicones and dyes. The suggested retail price for a huge 16.9-oz. bottle is $5.99 (although here in the Bay Area, apparently it’s $7.39).


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď


“Baylis & Harding Goodness Oud, Cedar & Amber hand wash is inspired by nature with carefully blended plant-based formulas. using only the finest, natural and organic extracts and essential oils to deliver a 98% naturally derived formulation that is vegan, 95% biodegradable, packaged within a 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) bottle. Dermatologist approved (mild & gentle) and made in England with love, Baylis & Harding’s Goodness natural hand wash line is also dye free, paraben free, silicone free and uses a mild coconut-derived surfactant as an alternative to SLES, making it SLS/SLES/ales free.”

The different scents are surprisingly complex, like you’re having a perfume experience every times you wash your hands. For example, Oud Cedar and Amber, one of my faves, smells like an expensive, handsome man driving you to work in his new car with leather seats. and the rose and Geranium instantly transports you to teatime in an English garden blooming at the height of spring. So nothing basic, scent wise, here.

Scent notes:

Oud, Cedar & Amber: Woody and aromatic with a blend of citrus fruits with herbal notes and strong woody undertone.

Lemongrass & Ginger: top and heart notes of ginger and lemongrass blended with black pepper, citrus and bergamot. Nutmeg and cinnamon add a spicy undertone.

Rose & Geranium: A zesty top note of lemon blended with rose, geranium and rich amber.

Sea Kelp & Peppermint: top notes of peppermint, green tea and sea salt, combined with sea kelp and grounded by base notes of cedar and amber.

The bevy of bubbles rinses quickly, leaving your paws squeaky clean and lightly scented. good stuff, and super affordable, too.

Pack your bags (literally)

Thanks guys for sharing where you live and why you love it yesterday in the comments. Opravdu jsem si to užil! Apparently, I’ve been talking non-stop about leaving California enough that El Hub thinks I’m pretty serious about it. and ya know what? Myslím že jsem. I know it’s not going to happen right THIS SECOND, but I’d like to leave within the next few years. I don’t think I can endure many more fire seasons without turning into a walking ball of anxiety.

Not that anything right now is normal anywhere, but fire season here, on top of the pandemic, is working my already frayed nerves. like today, I wanted to take Connor to play in the park, but there are two big fires within 20 miles of us (the LNU complex fire and the point Reyes Wildfire), and the air quality is poor. It smells like a campfire outside.

Also, on my to-do list this weekend: packing our go-bags in case we have to evacuate. super uncomfortable, but it has to be done, because you just never know living here.

I’ve been using these two lists I found online as guidelines:

Do you think it would be silly to set aside some camping gear? I keep thinking about where we’d go if we had to evacuate, because I just don’t know. everyone we know has been isolating themselves with their families. I guess we could pitch our tent in my parent’s backyard? I have absolutely no idea.

With that…I really don’t want to leave you on a weird note, I swear! things are currently not dire where I am (knocks on wood). Jsme v pohodě. I would just rather be prepared than get caught totally off guard.

I’m pretty happy all things considered. ? just happy to be here, healthy with my family and a roof over my head.

Take care of yourself, k? and have a good Friday.


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