Getting to know Rosie

What’s it like to be a cat lady who loses a beloved feline friend, then falls in love with another cat again? Je to divný. and wonderful. I lost my kitty BFF last year and wasn’t sure I’d ever find another cat to love and share my life with, but I eventually did, and it happened when I least expected it.

I wondered if I’d ever have room in my heart for another feline pal after Tabs passed away last year (it’ll be a year ago this Sunday), and it turns out there was. getting to know our new Rosie girl has been both odd and wonderful.

When she pertained to live with us last fall, the logical part of my brain understood that she was a completely different cat than Tabs was and would logically have a different personality. I knew that was the case, but I didn’t really know it for a few months.


A cat lady and her bestie. Side note: Rosie loves to be hugged like a little fur baby!
I get to know her a little a lot more each day, and each day I fall a little a lot more in love with her.

For starters, she’s the most talkative cat I’ve ever known. Ruce dolů. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep at night, if Rosie’s nearby, she’s talking about something.

It’s a constant stream of chatty kitty meows. Clearly, she has a lot of strong ideas, and she likes to share them with others.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

She also has a preternatural knack for getting underfoot.

It’s her superpower.

She knows exactly where to position her nine-pound body precisely where your next footstep is going to land. IT’S THE WEIRDEST THING, and it has made going up and down the stairs a somewhat perilous activity. I feel like I’m in a real life incredibly Mario brothers game (don’t fall in the lava!). Tabs never did that. even though he was larger than life at nearly 20 pounds, he always found a way to prance elegantly from one place to the next, but Rosie on the other hand is always exactly in a spot that forces you to teeter on the edge of near death! I don’t think she’s trying to purposefully take me out…but the jury is still out. Lol.

Just the girls taking a nap (please note the sparkly heart ring on her finger)
She’s much less of a thug than Tabs, that’s for sure. She has a sweet, tender girl energy and doesn’t do any of the @sshole cat things Tabs used to do (like taking a nap in a high traffic doorway to show you who’s boss). Instead, she’ll daintily press a “test paw” into your lap when she wants lurvies or wait for an invitational “here-kitty-kitty” before she gets up in your space.

A girly girl!
One of her nicknames is “baby” because she lets us hold her and hug her in the crook of our arms like a little infant. and before we go to bed every night she lets El Hub carry her up the stairs in his arms… Tabs only let me do that once or twice the entire time we lived with each other.

Her favorite spot
Speaking of the bed, she’s there when I fall asleep and there first thing in the morning, but only if she hasn’t settled down on Connor’s bed first. That, too, is different than Tabs. He would normally do a drive-by for 10 minutes ideal before we went to sleep, and then he’d leave to pursue whatever other activities cats do in a dark house in the middle of the night.

Already ignoring me, le sigh…

Not to say that Rosie doesn’t have a little bit of thug life in her, because one thing she isn’t dainty about is food. She might be a svelte nine pounds, but homegirl loves to eat. She’s opportunistic when it pertains to snacking, and if you leave a plate of food on the counter or a table, she’ll take a nibble without a second thought. You can’t even leave a glass of water out, either! We’ve caught her dipping her paws into glasses and taking sips out of people’s tea and juice multiple times.

I love the orange in her coat.
And I’ve never met a cat so crazy about balls! She keeps a collection of soft balls to stalk all over the house, and whenever she hunts one down, she carries it around and moans and meows so that everyone knows that she’s caught her prey. It’s the funniest thing.


To my cat ladies currently living without a kitty companion, a feline pal will find you soon. I just know it.

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