Paul & Joe makeup Collection “A”

Paul & Joe Lipstick A (025) from the new $100 Paul & Joe makeup Collection A
Believe it or not, I do NOT own a bejeweled pimp cup.

Shocker, I know.


But if I did, I would raise it high as well as proudly to Paul & Joe for providing us 20 years of feline woman cosmetics catnip.

That’s 20 years of CCL domination, y’all!

The $100 Paul & Joe Beaute makeup Collection A
To celebrate this meow-worthy occasion, the purveyors of kitty makeup purr-fection curated the Paul & Joe Beaute makeup Collection A (a $100 set).


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

It’s a restricted edition box containing their bestselling makeup products…but I’m most excited about the carry it includes since it FOLDS into A feline HEAD.

I mean, I just CAN’T EVEN. WITH THE EARS!?

The kitty tote!?
It’s big, too, as well as has more than sufficient space for all type of feline woman shinanigans as well as those tubes of Paul & Joe lipstick with the feline heads that you just can’t bear to utilize since they’re so darned cute.

The kitty tote, unfolded
Oh, as well as yeah, there’s likewise makeup in the collection, like a powder blush (a light coral pink with a silver sheen), a cream lipstick (a creamy, semi-sheer pink) as well as a pressed powder compact (a light beige powder as well as a shimmery beige highlighter).

Everything is full size and, since we’re speaking about Paul & Joe here, adorable.

Paul & Joe deal with color A in cheerful Tulip (39) from the Paul & Joe makeup Collection A
But are they, ya know, good?

Yes, I believe so. celkem dobrý. keep in mind, though, that Paul & Joe is geared toward the laid-back makeup enthusiast — at least that’s always been my understanding — so if you’re a stickler for the finer technical elements of expert makeup performance, then these products may not online as much as those expectations.

Take the blush, for instance. I like exactly how sheer as well as natural it looks on my cheeks, particularly in natural light as well as in pics, however when I wear it as well as see myself in flourescent lighting, I believe my pores look kinda big… perhaps because of the sheen (it might be a touch finer), however then again, I might likewise just chill-the-eff out. Like, if I didn’t understand anything about blush, I’d most likely just believe it looked quite as well as I’d like it.


Inside the bag… There’s likewise a coin purse!
Paul & Joe pressed Compact Duo A (001) from the new makeup Collection A
Paul & Joe pressed Compact Duo A (001) from the new makeup Collection A
Paul & Joe pressed Compact Duo A (001) from the new makeup Collection A
Wearing deal with color A in cheerful Tulip, Lipstick A as well as the highlighter from the pressed Compact Duo
Same goes for the lipstick. It’s a lovely color as well as feels smooth as well as comfy, as well as I like exactly how I can just ba-boomp-ba-boomp it on without any type of drama, however some may have problems with the truth that it isn’t totally opaque (although I like that it’s sheer).

Tak jo. If you’re hawd koa as well as you never leave the home without contouring the back of your neck (OMG, indeed this is a totally thing; I saw it on Instagram!), baking as well as strobing, you might most likely invest those exact same 100 tacos into something else as well as be happier.

But if you go ga-ga over things like adorable feline totes as well as just want fun products to utilize in your minimalist makeup routine, these would be SO much fun.


Paul & Joe makeup Collection A is offered on the internet meow (you understand I had to go there) at

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