The Eyes of Tom Ford personal shadows in Tempete Bleue, Vertigo, Videotape as well as Breathless

I’m using Videotape, Vertigo as well as Tempete Bleue personal shadows by Tom Ford.
Now your teeny, small Tom Ford Lips & young boys Lipsticks (and your Lips & women Lipsticks!) have adorable li’l clutch-sized eyeshadows to play with.

The new $36 Tom Ford personal shadow small eyeshadows introduced in the Eyes of Tom Ford collection are just as adorable as buttons! They’re about the exact same size as them, too.


Well, not really, however they are hella small. The dainty bit pans include 0.04 ounces of product.

New eyeshadow minis from Tom Ford
There are five different completes among the 30 shades.

Ultra Suede — a totally flat matte without any pearl

Suede — a demi-matte with subtle pearl particles

Sateen — a lustrous pearl with a radiant sheen

Vinyl — a high-shine metallic chrome

Paillette — a sequined, glittery pearl

Each single appears like a small TF eyeshadow quad, however when you open it up, there’s a small bit mirror as well as one pan of eyeshadow inside.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

I’ve been playing with four of them, as well as each time I pull one out I think, wow, why don’t all eyeshadows blend like this?

I desire all eyeshadows mixed in addition to matte taupe Vertigo (an Ultra Suede shade) as well as demi-matte Videotape (Suede finish). They’re pigmented, buttery, as well as they just won’t skip. They’ll blend on top of anything flawlessly.

A much more wearable daily eye with Videotape as well as Vertigo (the lip is MAC Robert Lee Morris Mattene Lipstick in Pumpkin,and the cheeks are MAC Linda Blush.)

Bare skin, cream shadows, eye pencils, primers — they deal with whatever I throw at them like champs. I don’t see any type of fallout, either, as well as they last all the time long.

Picture the Viseart mattes, which are the pinnacle of matte eyeshadows to me, but, like, next level.

With the Disco dust quad for scale
With the quads for scale
Vertigo, Videotape, Tempete Bleue as well as Breathless
The very soft Paillette surface ones get my heart choosing glitter. the blue shade, Tempete Bleue, is one of those stop-you-in-your-tracks eyeshadows that will haunt you for many years (in a great way). It shifts from blue to purple in the beat of a hummingbird’s wings, as well as many of the time I don’t even understand what color it is, which is what I like about it. The shine pieces are extremely reflective, like the remarkable metropolitan Decay Moondusts, except they’re smaller, much more delicate as well as much more $$$ costly looking.

Tempete Bleue
The only huge caution I can believe of for these is the smallest thing about them — their size. At $36, they’re costly for exactly how much you get. The 0.04-oz. single pans are, like, the size of the eyeshadows you get in a totally free gift-with-purchase, ya know? To put it in perspective, the pans in a full-size Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad (which is, *ahem*, $85) are 0.21 ounces each, or $21.25 per pan.

Of course, there’s one more method to look at. even though these are petite, you’re still getting TF high quality as well as panache for less.

Bez dechu
I wouldn’t suggest building an entire collection of these since of exactly how little as well as expensive they are, however one’s worth a splurge if you’re in the mood.

I suggest one of the Suede finishes, since those demi-mattes don’t autumn into your lap every day, or one of the Pailette surface ones that influences you. Those’ll get your interest best away.

I like Videotape, the reddish purple Suede, as well as Tempete Bleue, the glittery bluish purple Paillette.


Private shadow is offered now at Tom Ford counters as well as online.

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