Den v kráse, sv. 10: Flamingos, Polka Dots, Deborah Lippmann spring 2016, as well as The enjoyment principle

Um…if this teal rash guard (complete with rollerskating flamingos) as well as matching ruffled polka-dot bikini bottoms are designed for babies, why do I want them so much for myself?

They’re from Carters, which, coincidentally, is having a 50%-off sale on the internet now.


Obviously, I had to get them for BG (along with matching sun hat).


And, um…here’s to hoping that infant woman will really like to sprinkle around in the water. Yup, I truly hope that she’s a water infant (*crosses fingers as well as monkey toes*).


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Jeez, she’s not even born yet, as well as I’m already researching as well as plotting different methods to get her to autumn in like with the water, haha.

For now I’m indulging El Hub, who believes that BG is going to grow as much as be an Olympic soccer star, however I wouldn’t demonstration if she stated that she wished to be a pro surfer instead. since then I’d be able to hang out with her at the beach all the time.

Hluboké myšlenky…

Speaking of beaches, here’s an important (OK, not really) concern for you: do you believe that there’s an age after which one should stop using a two-piece? (See, I stated it was important, LOL!)

My mom-in-law believes that nobody should wear a bikini after the age of 40, however I feel that if you’ve got the swagger, why not? #hluboké myšlenky

Deborah Lippmann Gel lab pro spring 2016 afternoon pleasure Collection

All this talk of beaches is making me believe of one more tidbit of paramount importance, as well as that’s quite pedicure colors. I like using boots, however oh! — I like sandals, flip-flops as well as wedges at least as much, if not more, because…


I’m so looking ahead to warm weather condition footwear.

I always like to have my toes painted when they’re gonna be out as well as about because, I youngster you not, my toes are freakishly long. Fo’ reals! They’re like bit monkey paws…

I’m going to keep these new Deborah Lippman pro Gel lab nail colors ($20 each) close by so I can paint my toes with them just as soon as I can actually, ya know, reach my feet…

The four right here are from the Deborah Lippman afternoon pleasure collection for spring 2016, offered now at Nordstrom stores, Sephora as well as online.

Wearing the Deborah Lippmann spring 2016 collection on my nails (the handbag is by Jetoy USA)

“Deborah Lippmann Gel lab pro nail color features a dual-patented formula infused with 10 active components that assist provide health, wear as well as radiate while providing you the gloss as well as pillow of a gel manicure without the nail damage. evening primrose is an omega-6 fatty acid that reduces wetness loss; biotin is a vitamin that stimulates keratin production; keratin is a protein as well as the primary building block of your nails; as well as nonychosine F delivers stamina as well as durability to fortify weak as well as brittle nails. eco-friendly tea extract protects nails from damage by free radicals; aucumea deters ridges from forming; platinum powder resists wear; as well as epoxy resin fuses the lacquer to bind layers together. Additionally, silk fibers created by silkworms even out the nail plate for a smooth finish.”


I did this Skittles mani with all four of the colors last night, however last week I used the light purple one, The enjoyment Principle, all by itself.

Clockwise from the blue nail, that’s get Lucky, filthy bit Secret, Peaches & cream as well as The enjoyment Principle
I kinda rushed with that mani because, apparently, that’s what I’m all about these days (rushing). I did my usual Sally Hansen eco-friendly Tea + Bamboo base coat, then two coats of The enjoyment Principle, however I skipped the top coat.

Turned out that I truly didn’t requirement one, though, since The enjoyment principle held up well, as well as with tougher-than-usual circumstances. in spite of being quite tough on my nails last week (I had to mail out some packages, so I was opening as well as taping boxes, as well as I likewise had to put together some infant furniture), Gel pro was a champ.

I didn’t see any type of chips up until day three (and even those were tiny). My nails looked fresh as well as shiny all the method till day five, as well as I bet I could’ve made it to day six or seven had I really been careful.

They’re quite expensive at $20 a pop…but they’re sturdy as well as dry quickly (within about 10 minutes). The mani I’m rocking right here took me about half an hour to do, from begin to finish, as well as my nails were basically dry by the time I finished.

It’s the principle of pleasure!

Shout out to you, by the way, if you got the recommendation to the Janet Jackson song…

So, Deborah Lippmann likes to name her polishes after songs, as well as this oNe je od legendárního alba Janet Jackson, který zahrnuje několik mých preferovaných dladných melodií Janetu všech dob, jako když věřím. Jeden další Janet Classic, Nasty, je také na albu, stejně jako kdybyste někdy vyskytli sledovat video, držte pozor na Paula Abdul’s Cameo jako jeden z Janetových záložních zpěváků.


OK! Teď jsem pryč, abych šel poslouchat nějakou Janet. Doufám, že váš pondělí se baví dobře dobře.

Vaše přátelská společenství krása závislý,


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