April 2016 Low-Buy Accountability

I had anticipated April would have been a crazy month of haulage due to the Sephora VIB sale but that didn’t turn out to be the case.  I had $252.74 in my April budget to start off with.

In the Sephora sale, I bought only 4 items, and I ended up returning one of them:

My original total was $83.30 but after returning the busted BITE charm Agave Lip Mask, I only ended up spending only $52.70 at the VIB sale.

MAC strikes again this month with an purchase for the online exclusive lipstick, finally totally free ($21):

And this week, I wrote about a new to me brand called Teeez Cosmetics, and I purchased 4 items to try:

My total concerned $89 and I had Bay rewards points so I only paid $9.

From the drugstore, I picked up:

• L’Oreal color Riche Mono eye shadow in 207 pain au Chocolat $5.10
• Rimmel long lasting finish nude by Kate lipstick in #43, for $3.99

• Revlon volume + length Magnified mascara $7.99
• Revlon supreme All-In-One mascara $7.99
• CoverGirl The very Sizer mascara $5.99

• L’Oreal Sublime gentle Micellar Solution
• Clarins UV plus Day screen High protection Tint SPF 40
• Rusk Wired flexible styling Creme (this wasn’t from the drugstore but from a sidewalk sale at trade Secrets, it was on sale for only $5, and it typically retails for $22)

Skincare trade-ins: there were 2 skincare swap events in April that I participated in as I discussed in my trash stash post. I brought in nearly empty containers and received 50% off these:
• Consonant Skincare Ultra Moisturizing organic face Cream. I also picked up a travel size of their ideal Sunscreen which I’m planning to bring on my trip.
• Pure + easy Lactic Acid plus 10%

My sister gave me this set of OPI minis from a major league Baseball (MLB) inspired collection called fashion Plate.

Sada obsahuje:
• Umpires come out At Night
• girls love Diamonds
• 7th Inning Strrretch
• Short-Stop!
• Orange You going to The Game?
• Love athletes In Cleats
Cute, heh? díky za to!

I went a bit crazy at Dollarama (L to R):

• wet n Wild nail polish $1.50 (this is made in Luxembourg as noted by fivezero!)
• Sephora by OPI: in QVC What I Mean?, shiny Dancer, Queen of Everything, and already well-known $3 each
I just can’t say no to nail polish!  Especially discounted ones.

And I snagged this Bonne Bell kit which includes a liquid lipstick in Mai Tai, a nail polish in essential West,  and an eye shadow palette in Prom Queen for only $3! I have another Bonne Bell nail polish and I have to say, the quality is quite good.

Plus, in April I was the lucky recipient of not one, but two giveaways!
From MyStyeleInsideOut:

• BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette
• Milani color statement #33 rose Amour
• wet n Wild large Eyeshadow Brush

From Sandie’s Stash:

• NYX highlight & Contour pro Palette
(…and I received another epic prize in the mail this week! I’ll be posting about it tomorrow! )

My makeup spend for April was $130.26. (To clarify: I don’t count skincare, hair & body care or makeup tools – only actual makeup including nail polishes are counted – any time you see me list the price of a product, it implies it’s being tallied)

That implies I have $122.48 to be carried over – I was amazed I didn’t review my budget!  I will have $172.48 for makeup spending in May.  How was April for you in terms of makeup spending?

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