MyLipAddiction appeal Podcast: Gigglefest with Joyce of regional woman foreign Land

The MyLipAddiction appeal Podcast is back, baby! as well as this episode will get you in a great mood in no time. They state that laughter is infectious, right? Well then, just listen to Joyce of regional woman foreign Land giggle her method with this episode as well as you will absolutely be giggling along. The only other person I understand who giggles as much as her is:

Ready to have your mood elevated?

The episode is extremely hairy:

You can’t unsee this picture now… XD
You’ll likewise want to tune in to listen to Joyce’s special accent (combination of Hong Kong, South African, as well as British!) – she’s an worldwide lady of mystery! have a listen at any type of of these fine purveyors of podcasts:

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Things we talked about:


For those of you non-Canadians, Dollarama is our main dollar store.  I phone call dibs on this idea of One Euro Stores. who wishes to invest?


This is what Joyce is doing as we speak. unstructured time! Ahhh… *does not compute* If you’re curious about my OCD Excel spreadsheet habits, here’s my cosmetics stock spreadsheet.

Since we pointed out our signs, I believed it’d be fun to see if we’re compatible:
Joyce as well as I are both Cancers (same birthday, even!) – this is our compatibility:

Cancer has uncanny instincts about people. That’s why they draw in each other like magnets. Both share a odd sense of humor that few others understand. When two Moon kids get together, they begin chuckling like lunatics. Often, they seem like they’re speaking a special language of their own. They both understand exactly how to make money as well as hold on to it. As a result, they commonly utilize their friendship as a introducing pad to a successful business. At times, their extreme mood swings can cause them to snip at each other.

Maybe that’s why Joyce laughed so much during this episode! XD I still preserve that I’m not all that moody! I’m just in a constant specify of crabbiness!   Hmm what kind of service can we get into, Joyce?

Cat is an Aquarius – this is our compatibility:

Cancer as well as Aquarius are a pair of strange ducks. The Moon kid has an offbeat sense of humor, while the Water Bearer has an unorthodox view of life. They may view each other as weirdoes, which is commonly the introducing pad to their friendship. The Crab will assist the Water Bearer let down their defenses, while Aquarius will assist the Moon kid be less self-conscious. At times, cancer will get grouchy with Aquarius’ aloof attitude, while Aquarius will despair over the Moon Child’s obsession with money. Mostly, they’ll shrug off these differences.

I’d state it’s quite accurate! feline got me to be less self-conscious about being on the podcast. It was soooo odd to hear my own voice originally. And let’s be clear, I am not consumed with money. reason me while I go lay on my bed of $100 bills. XD

Give it a try right here as well as see if you’re compatible with your friends!

Hair Haters Inc. XD

Source for picture of legs.
Note: I’m going to trademark this name! Hey, perhaps this is the service venture we can get into , Joyce!

Talika Light Therapy:

Talika Light Duo Plus.
This is the house gadget that Joyce raves about. I’ve heard of it however have never seen it offered right here – I believe this may not be offered in Canada! Those Frenchies keeping the very best stuff for themselves, hrmph!

You can discover Joyce at the complying with places:
• regional woman foreign Land Blog
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Pinterest
• Bloglovin’
• Google+

Thank you Joyce for being our guest – we had a blast! as well as you’re coming back with all of your French appeal tricks including cheese deal with masks, right?

Hope you took pleasure in the episode as well as it left you smiling!

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