Delicate Deluxe: The new $80 Bobbi brown Deluxe Lip & Eye combination Is a Double-Decker of delicate beauty

using colors from the new $80 Bobbi brown Deluxe Lip & Eye Palette
A couple weeks back my good friend Jen as well as I were chatting about makeup when one of us brought up Bobbi Brown.

Now, Jen’s a recent convert to the cult o’ Bobbi, so I asked her what she liked about the brand, as well as she said, “When I wear it, I still feel like I look like me, as well as not like I’m trying to be somebody else,” which I absolutely get. I believe it’s why Bobbi’s makeup strikes a chord with so lots of women, myself included.


I understand that when I don’t want to fuss with five different colors mixed into my crease, there’s always Bobbi Brown.

For her most current foray into holiday makeup, Bobbi produced a double-decker combination created to flatter all skin tones. The new restricted edition Deluxe Lip & Eye combination ($80) consists of two tiers of makeup in charming tortoiseshell attire, with one tier full of neutral brown, gold, pink as well as beige shades for eyes, as well as one more tier with pink, mauve as well as increased lipsticks for lips.

The Bobbi brown Deluxe Lip & Eye combination ($80) includes…

Ivory Eye Shadow, a matte creamy white

Sandy increased metallic Shadow, a silvery plummy mauve

Chiffon shimmer Shadow, a pale gold

Antique increased Shadow, a rosy brown

Malted Shadow, a soft grayish brown

Bronzed Pink Metallic, a mid-tone shimmering pink

Cream metallic Shadow, a shimmering creamy white

Black chocolate Shadow, a rich blackened brown

Pink sequin cream Lip Color, a sheer pinkish peach

Pale Mauve cream Lip Color, a sheer pink mauve

Black Cherry Creamy Lip Color, a rich berry red

Pale beige Creamy Lip Color, a nude pinkish beige

Coral Pink Creamy Lip Color, a bright warm pink

Pink blossom Creamy Lip Color, a mid-tone bluish pink

Rose garden Creamy Lip Color, a mid-tone shimmer rose

Mini Eye shadow Brush

Mini Lip Brush

Most holiday makeup kits whizz by me in a blur without making much of an impression, however this stands out. There’s lots of Bobbi-style neutrals up in the mix, however they’re joined by rosy pinks, deep berries, bright corals as well as a sparkly gold for a delicate dash of glamour.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

That’s Coral Pink Creamy Lip color on my lips…
Among the eyeshadows, there are workhorse mattes to ground your looks, quite pops of pink, as well as a sprinkling of holiday shine for joyful sparkle.

Eye shadow swatches from the left, top row: Ivory, Sandy Rose, Chiffon as well as Antique Rose; bottom row: Malted, Bronzed Pink, cream as well as Black Chocolate
Lip color swatches from the left, top row: Pink Sequin, pale Mauve, Blue Raspberry as well as Black Cherry; bottom row: pale Beige, Coral PInk, Pink blossom as well as increased Garden
Here I’m using Ivory Eye shadow around my lids, Malted as well as Black chocolate Eyeshadow in my crease, Black chocolate along my lash lines as well as Chiffon shimmer Eye shadow on my lids
And for lips, while I’m not usually a fan of lip palettes since I just believe they’re seldom as functional as bring around one or two tubes, I appreciate the large variety of shades here, from daily pinks as well as nudes to brighter, bolder choices like berry as well as coral.

As a holiday palette, this one’s a bit expensive…but look what you get! — elegance, as well as the makings of some stunning holiday looks.

PRICE: $80
AVAILABILITY: restricted edition, offered now at Bobbi brown counters as well as online
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: B+/A-


Vaše přátelské společenství odvolání závislý,


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