Fenty charm by Rihanna pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear foundation

A bit much more than consumed with this.
Normally, I would recommend caution when hugging total strangers, however if I ever run into Rihanna at the fitness center (I can totes see Riri doing squats) or TJ’s, I’m going to walk as much as that woman as well as provide her the tightest freaking bear hug. I don’t even care if her people jujitsu me as well as take my @ss to the floor. I’ll take that risk! since I want to personally say thanks to her for releasing her new Fenty foundation. I believe it’s life changing. It’s really, really, truly good.

When I heard it would be offered in 40 shades (OMG!), I was like, “OK, Riri, I’m not sure if I totally purchase into the whole star makeup line thing, however I SEE YOU, GURL.” as well as I appreciate what you did. I mean, who releases a foundation in 40 shades? You understand in addition to I do exactly how difficult it is to discover a ideal undertone match, particularly for women as well as gents at the extreme ends of the light/dark spectrum.


So numerous shades…
Then I took it for a test run as well as officially leveled as much as R.S.S. (Rihanna Stalker Status).

Fenty charm pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear foundation is a $34 medium-to-full protection liquid foundation that is available in a 1.08-oz. glass bottle with a pump.

Now, can I vent about my new pet peeve? I can’t stand it when foundation leaks out of a pump applicator after I utilize it. It occurs with a great deal of foundation pumps, including this one, I’m unfortunate to say, as well as I’m a grumpy-grump about it since I don’t like wasting product. NOT even A DROP.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Seriously, why can’t business figure out exactly how to stop foundation pumps from leaking?? somebody needs to resolve this pressing issue as well as develop a much better mousetrap. Then, provide me a fat cut of the proceeds, since y’all gonna make millions. Jen říkam.

And so numerous undertones! (Please note the pump with the foundation oozing out of it.)

I wear this foundation in shade 310, which is a bit warm for me, however it’s a quite close match. For reference, I’m a MAC NC42 with dry cheeks as well as an oily T-zone. Occasionally, I likewise break out.


After shaking the bottle to mix it up, apply it with a brush, a dampened makeup sponge or your fingers. I like utilizing my fingers since they warm up the liquid, making it much more fluid-like, as well as I can truly manage exactly how much I utilize (rather, exactly how little, because I don’t like to apply a ton of foundation) as well as press the product into my skin.

Ooh! — try mixing equal parts of this with the Fenty primer (one word: excellent), as well as then apply the mix with your fingers. I do that sometimes, too.

Shade 310
Wait for it to dry

It takes about a minute to totally dry down as well as expose this shade’s true color, because, at least on me, it oxidizes a bit (just a very, extremely little).

Soft matte finish

The surface is soft as well as matte like a very subtle satin. It’s not a pearl, as well as it doesn’t shimmer, however it does have much more oomph than a routine matte. I believe it makes skin look like it was just washed, dried as well as kissed by a wonderful makeup angel, #blessed.


Wearing shade 310. See exactly how the “after” side looks much more even-toned as well as matte?
Your skin will still look like skin

I can still still see my freckles after utilizing one layer, as well as Julian the pimple is mainly covered, however not totally covered. It starts at medium coverage, which you can likewise develop with extra layers. any type of redness or unevenly pigmented areas are gone. My skin tone looks uniform, my pores look smaller, as well as my fine lines look softer. It produces a smoother canvas, however my skin still appears like skin.

Here’s 310 with a full deal with of Fenty makeup — the primer, concealer, two shimmer match Stix (Yacht Lyfe as well as Rum) as well as the Gloss Bomb.
You can quickly keep building as much as full protection if you utilize two or three layers, however I feel like the foundation starts to lose a few of its wonderful power at that point, since the much more you put on, the much more apparent it vzhled.

It’s crazy sweat-proof!

It was virtually a sauna right here last weekend. It was really, truly hot, however this foundation still looked totally intact late Saturday afternoon.

Like a pumped-up version of MAC next to Nothing

I believe one more thing I like about this foundation is that it looks so much like MAC next to nothing deal with Colour, which I likewise love. Both of them feel like next to nothing, steer remove of my fine lines, smooth my pores, as well as do the whole “I failed to remember I was using makeup!” věc.

The major diff between them is that Fenty’s foundation isStředně k úplnému pokrytí, stejně jako Mac vedle ničeho jde od naprostého k médiu.

Sakra ano!


V podstatě, Fenty kouzlo Rihanna Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation je Sh * t. Nemůžu to navrhnout dost.

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