A review of the new Dior Addict fluid Sticks, and a Peek into the Life and Times of an Ex-Beauty blog writer in a Post-Apocalyptic Zombie world

The life and times of a post-apocalyptic ex-beauty blogger

This review is for my fellow fans of The walking Dead. If you’re unfamiliar with the show and/or otherwise averse to zombies, skip down to the subheading titled “The Dior Addict fluid Sticks ($35 each)” for the scoop on Dior’s new line of liquid lipstick-lipgloss hybrids coming this spring to Dior counters and online.

Milý deníčku,

Hard to believe there was a time when I composed every day. That world seems so far away right now, like a hazy, wonderful dream.


To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I wrote. I think it might’ve been a few days before The Turn.

Věříš tomu? There was a time when I updated MBB every. singl. den. That all stopped when the Internet went down for good. crazy pants. Well, at least I can say that I composed hard until the end. *Raises dirty fist with broken, janky nails half-heartedly in the air.*

But seriously, talk about a career that leaves you ill-equipped for the zombie apocalypse! I mean, really now, who has the time and energy to write these days!? Dude, not getting eaten by flesh eaters is hard enough as it is. Sh*t is not easy!


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

LOL… Well, at least I haven’t completely lost my sense of humor.

Thank you, universe, for letting me find this empty notebook while out scavenging this morning. kdo ví? maybe it’ll somehow keep me alive one more day.

Sigh… I still can’t believe this is the world now.

Milý deníčku…
I used to spend my days in front of a keyboard, drinking coffee, writing about eyeshadow and lipstick and chatting online with pals around the world. I wonder what occurred to all those girls (and the five boys). I hope they survived. I hope they’re ok.

My heart aches… I miss my family. Můj manžel. Moje kočka.

Good grief, I am still really, really p*ssed off at that man for leaving me! See, Karen, that’s what you get for marrying someone who will sacrifice himself to keep you alive. I dislike him for that!

I love him for that. liked him… Can’t keep my tenses right. Can’t think about this right now. Lock it up in a box, Karen. keep it there for a rainy day. You have to do like he told you to do. Can’t fall apart. must stay strong. pokračuj.

Deep breath… need to think about things that make you happy. Kittens! Čokoláda! Makeup! Oh, gosh, I found some Dior the other day, believe it or not. two Dior Addict fluid Sticks. Still in their boxes! They were inside a shopping bag in an empty automobile on the side of the road.

Addict fluid Sticks in 551 Aventure (left) and 338 Mirage (right), $35 each
Leave it to the ex-beauty blog writer to grab the lipgloss/liquid lipstick hybrids, haha. At least I didn’t overlook the crowbar in the trunk. (El Hub always said, “Don’t forget to grab a weapon. ideally one with some length.”)

It was like Christmas! There was a lighter shade, 338 Mirage. It’s a light peachy coral. and also 551 Aventure, a reddish coral. I couldn’t resist applying Mirage right then and there. I looked in the car’s rear view mirror and couldn’t help but laugh. My lips looked glossy for the first time in weeks. Months? but hello, dark circles and upper lip hair like whoa!

Addict fluid Stick swatches in 338 Mirage (left) and 551 Aventure (right)
As I scrubed my lips together and admired my Ron burgundy mustache (as you can probably imagine, body hair removal isn’t a high priority these days), bits and pieces of my former life came flooding back. The Dior Addict fluid Sticks…

The Dior Addict fluid Sticks ($35 each)

I remember… These were released in the spring of 2014. liquid lipstick-gloss hybrids. They feel creamy and slick like liquid lipsticks but have the shiny finish of a gloss, and they leave my lips with a delicate discolor that fades over the course of 2-3 hours.

They’re available (were available, back before The Turn) in 17 shades and have a doe-foot applicator and a non-sticky, lightweight formula that’s shiny but not too shiny.

They remind me a lot of the YSL glossy Stains, except slightly thicker and less aqueous and with a shorter wear time (2-3 hours versus 3-4).

Thankfully, they’re super hydrating and terrific for dry lips…

Speaking of dry lips, I can’t believe I considered my lips dry before The Turn, because they are A lot drier now. news flash: post-apocalypse, YOUR LIPS get REALLY, really DRY, MA. #justsayin

Pre- and post-zombie MBB Rating: B+

Today I’m wearing Mirage, the lighter shade, and I like it. Not that there are any real makeup rules now (or rules of any kind, for that matter), but I feel like wearing bright lips while offing zombies is kind of tacky. call me crazy.

Addict fluid Stick in 338 Mirage
Addict fluid Stick in 551 Aventure on my lips
Both fluid Sticks are in my backpack now,Hned vedle poloviny prázdné nádoby Nutella jsem šetřím za “zvláštní příležitost”, kdykoliv to je.

Udržuju je tam, abych to udělal k konci. Soudě podle mapy, mám o tom, že jde o chůzi.

Kdo ví? Možná tam udělám domov. Možná se setkám s make-up-milujícím laskavým duchem. Možná, že jednoho dne budu moci přemýšlet o mém manžela a mé kočce, aniž by se rozpadli. Možná, že to udělám další den, aniž bych se dostal.


Možná, možná možná …

Vaše přátelské sousedství post-apokalyptické krásy závislý,


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