At the Intersection of makeup as well as Microprocessors, the Sephora + Pantone color iq foundation System Promises To assist You discover a much better foundation match

The Sephora + Pantone color iq foundation System. Goooooo science!
Ah, technology… It’s not just for sending obnoxious text messages to your finest good friend about exactly how you truly feel about capri pants anymore.

At Sephora tech is likewise assisting women (and makeup-lovin’ dudes) get a much better foundation match.


At the intersection of makeup as well as microprocessors, the Sephora + Pantone color iq system promises to put processor cycles to work to assist you discover an precise foundation shade match.

At least that’s the idea.

“Color iq is the very first as well as only beauty service to scan the surface of your skin, designate it a color iq number, as well as then discover your scientifically precise foundation match from over 1,500 options.”


Jak to funguje?


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

I’m delighted you asked!

A Sephora makeup artist locations the color iq device, which basically appears like a hybrid handheld camera/Star trip tricorder, against your skin in three locations to take color readings.

But first, lemme take a selfie!
You can match to either your deal with or neck. I opted to go with my neck, since my deal with is much redder (I utilize a great deal of exfoliating products).

The gadget utilizes that data to designate you a Pantone color iq number, which it then matches from among all of the foundations Sephora carries.

My Pantone color iq number is 3Y09.

“3Y09, please report to the medical bay for assimilation!”

The Starfleet cadet/makeup artist who assisted me explained that the “Y” in the color iq number refers to the general skin tone (mine is yellow), while the numbers at the end refer to its depth, or darkness.

A color iq scan as well as shade matching is free, as well as it takes less than five minutes. No requirement to make an appointment, either. as well as when you’re done, you can email yourself the listing of products it generates.

Color iq is offered now at all Sephora stores. Click right here to discover a place near you.

By the way, I ended up grabbing one of its suggestions for me — Laura Mercier Smooth surface perfect Fluide foundation in Chai. I haven’t used it yet, however you’ll be the very first to hear exactly how it turns out.


Vaše přátelská společenství krása závislý,


P.S. happy hump day, fellow beauty bounty hunter.

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