Bay area appeal Love: benefit Gogo Tint

benefit Gogo Tint

Yay pro záliv! V této sérii, pro měsíc února 2019, budu představovat výrobky z stejně jako kolem mého zdupu, San Francisco Bay oblast.

Question of the day: Is the “gogo” in benefit Gogo Tint a shout-out to the Wham tune or a shout-out to gogo dancers?

Ani? Oba?


Seeing as exactly how the extremely very first benefit discolor was a nipple tint produced exotic dancers…I’m gonna go-go with choice B, ha ha!

It’s been a minute considering that I’ve used one of these. They’re $30 liquid lip as well as cheek stains, as well as this newest member is a lively matte cherry red that appears like an intensified version of the original Benetint I liked like heck in my early 20s.

Wake me up before you Gogo!
Gogo Tint isn’t as watery as the O.G. jeden. The liquid formula is milkier as well as creamier (similar to the ChaCha as well as Lolli tints). The thicker consistency makes Gogo user-friendlier because, unlike the original, it doesn’t instantly drip or roll down your cheeks. It’s likewise smoother as well as much easier to blend.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

I likewise feel like the somewhat creamy consistency makes it less patchy than the a lot more viscous original as well as much easier to blend, which I normally make with my fingers.

Wearing Gogo Tint on my cheeks (applied with fingers) as well as lips
Like all of the benefit Tints, you can wear Gogo on your lips, too. It’s a bright matte red that appears like just-kissed lips, as well as it’s gorgeous if you can get it to apply evenly. Although I appreciate its multitasking prowess, I’m not fond of using it on my lips since the tint grabs on to the center areas a lot more than the outer edges, so I end up with an unintentional edgy gradient effect.

I mean, it would be cooler if I were a high-fashion gal, however when I’m out as well as about in a sweatshirt, stretchy pants as well as untidy bun, as I am 99% of the time…it just appears like I failed to remember to touch up after lunch.

Více Deets …

Wear time is about 5-6 hours.

Doesn’t taste or odor like anything.

A bit drying on the lips, however not drying on my cheeks, though.

Best on bare skin or skin prepped with BB or CC cream, or tinted moisturizer , can be streaky on a full-coverage base).

Always make sure that the cap is sealed shut; otherwise, it might spill around your makeup bag.

Gogo Tint, mixed (top) as well as unblended (bottom)
I see this as a fantastic blush for low-maintenance gals as well as a great choice for first-time blush wearers, or any individual who likes makeup that doesn’t look powdery or obvious. A big 0.33-oz. bottle is $30, as well as a travel-sized 0.13-oz. tiny is $12. You can discover Gogo at benefit stores, Ulta as well as Sephora.

Vaše přátelské společenství odvolání závislý,



P.S. Geez, why are these chairs so comfortable? Is it the chair, the shave ice, the hibiscus flowers around them, the elegant swimming pool? Or all of the above?

Aloha again! This has been a extremely low-key trip so far with a guaranteed lack of experience sports as well as water activities. Yup. Connor, El Hub as well as I all came down with viruses, so we haven’t been pushing the envelope in terms of activities, however it’s still been terrific to just hang out, rest as well as take in the environment (and take in big quantities of shave ice, fresh papaya as well as pineapple).

I’m gonna go get one more shave ice now. What can I get you? You can mix ‘n match any type of flavors you want…

Banana, Vanilla, Bubble Gum, Cherry Coconut Cotton Candy, Watermelon, Grape, (Sour) eco-friendly Apple, eco-friendly Tea, Guava, Yuzu, Lemon, Lemonade, Li Hing Mui, White Cake, Lilikoi (Passionfruit), Lime, Mango, Lychee, Melon, Mizore, Orange, Papaya, Pickled Mango, Piña Colada, Pineapple, Raspberry, root Beer, Strawberry, Peach, Ume, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Strawberry Cream

(*Cream flavors have condensed milk pre-mixed into the syrup.)

Sugar-Free Banana, Sugar-Free Strawberry, Sugar-Free Vanilla

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