Makeup and charm blog Monday Poll, Vol. 355

The makeup and charm blog Monday Poll for January 12, 2015
Můžete se divit, “Tak co v tarnaci je tento pondělí průzkum, stejně?”

Není to přesně anketa. It’s much more of a continuously evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve been putting out to readers every Monday morning for the past seven years. (It’s like a kickstart for your brain.) I’ve always delighted in reading your answers in the comments, and I hope you delight in reading mine.

When was the last time you “MacGyvered” a service to a problem?
Um, like two days ago…or maybe one day ago, or maybe this morning.

Tabs does this thing where he loves to press his face against mine. He’ll rub his face all over my face, which is cute, I suppose, because it makes it seem like he loves his mom, but really, I think it’s mostly because he’s territorial. I think he’s claiming me, like, “This is MY mommy. This is MY assistant.”

Anyway, it leaves fur all over my face, and it’s extremely annoying. in some cases when I’m driving I’ll feel a mystery cat hair that I cannot find!

Přivádí mě k šílenství.

So what I did was take a pet hair roller that I keep in the car, and I just kind of rolled it all over my face.

And it worked! So that’s my MacGyver service to removing a pound of cat hair from your face.

Have you ever changed your makeup and/or your hair so much that you didn’t even recognize yourself?
I mean, only at lame times, like after, you know, you break up with somebody, and you’re like, “I’m gonna cut my hair!”

It’s so cliche, but I’ve certainly done it before. once I think I was 18 or 19, and I had this really long, wavy ’90s hair.

I chopped it all off. Not into a pixie cut — I wasn’t brave enough for that — but I chopped it into a chin-length bob. Granted, it wasn’t the best chin-length bob because it did the whole triangle thing where it puffed out, so my hair was shaped like a triangle, but I thought it was amazing at the time.

I think it was in winter, because I remember feeling so cold when the wind hit the back of my neck, but still thrilled at the same time whenever I’d see my face in the mirror because I looked so different.

I’m addicted to…
Netflix, coffee, cat lady anythings. also coral lipsticks, obviously, and mascara, and stretchy pants, shoes and anything with a leopard print.

That’s all I can think of best now.

I’m really looking forward to…
February, which is when we typically have a spell of warmer weather and the cherry blossoms come out.

I’m also looking forward to sleeping in next weekend (yes, even though it’s only Monday), and I’m looking forward to a time when my house is finally clean and organized (Actually made a little progress last weekend… We hung a big mirror on the wall, huzzah!). I’m also looking forward to getting my roots done again, because even though it’s only been five weeks because the last time, they’re starting to peek through, and it’s very annoying.

The first place I take visitors when they check out my town is…
Sephora, in case they need anything.

Just kidding! Dělám si srandu.

Honestly, it depends on how outdoorsy they are. If it’s my parents or my in-laws, and they’re not very outdoorsy, we’ll typically go to a restaurant, and I’ll try to swing us toward someplace I like to eat, like My Thai II in downtown Novato, and then we’ll just walk around.

Downtown Novato is cute. There are some shops, and it’s not completely overwhelming. My parents and in-laws are getting up there in years, so they can’t walk for miles and miles on end.

If, however, the visitors are younger people who like to be outside, I’ll take them to Indian Valley, which is this stunning nature preserve with hikes and rolling hills and stunning views.


Tvůj tah. Stačí kopírovat a vložit následující otázky do komentáře s vašimi odpověďmi. Těším se na čtení EM!

1. When was the last time you “MacGyvered” a service to a problem?
2. have you ever changed your makeup and/or your hair so much that you didn’t even recognize yourself?
3. I’m addicted to…
4. I’m really looking forward to…
5. The first place I take visitors when they check out my town is…

Ahoj příteli. dobré ráno. I know it’s Monday again…but if we’re gonna have a Monday, we might as well have a pleased Monday, a fun Monday, a Monday in which we feel good about things.


I’m game to try if you are.

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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