The MAC wash & dry Collection Powder Blushes in Crisp Whites and Hipness

The two MAC wash and dry collection Powder Blushes in Hipness and Crisp Whites ($24.50 each)
I’m keepin’ it quick this time with a brief breakdown of both Powder Blushes in the soon-to-arrive MAC wash and dry collection (May 14 online, may 21 in stores and counters).

First, let’s say “Hi!” to Hipness (then we’ll look at Crisp Whites).


MAC Hipness Powder Blush

MAC wash and dry collection Powder blush in Hipness, $24.50
The succinct two-sentence summary? Hipness is a warm, peachy coral-ish powder blush with a barely-there satin finish that could practically pass for matte. In fact, it fooled me at first glance, but then I took a closer look at it and saw petite pearlescent particles.

The tech specs? I’m fine with one layer of this highly pigmented powder, which lasts seven or eight hours on my sometimes/places dry, sometimes/places oily combination cheeks. great on its own, it’s hot dayum! — phenomenal blended with a bronzer (and much more on that in a sec).

Have we met before? Why, yes, we have. Double-check your MAC collection, because Hipness has carried out at this venue before. You may recall it from (2008’s Fafi or 2010’s MAC to the Beach.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

For whom would it work well? Bronzed beauties (and barons) are in extra luck. Hipness looks bright, but not excessively bold, on my NC42 skin. If you’re a lighter lass, however, you can still have fun with Hipness. try mixing a little with bronzer, and then applying that powder potion to your cheeks. The bronzer will tone down the brightness a bit and, bonus! — could save you a little time, because then you wouldn’t have to apply blush and bronzer separately (assuming you would).

This is one of my all-time favorite gotta-get-out-the-door-now tricks, and I actually think that it takes this particular blush to the next level of effortless-ness, no matter what your skin tone.

How do I feel about Hipness? Cítím se dobře. I feel good about Hipness. I think it’s very flattering and natural-looking, especially when layered or mixed with bronzer. I’m pleased to see it making an encore performance in MAC wash and Dry.

MAC wash and dry collection Powder blush in Hipness on my NC42 skin

MAC wash and dry collection Powder blush in Hipness

MAC Crisp Whites Powder Blush

MAC wash and dry Collection Powder blush in Crisp Whites, $24.50
The very succinct one-sentence summary? Crisp Whites is a subtle, pale peachy tangerine with golden pearl.

The tech specs? The force may or may not be strong in this one, but the pearl level is certainly high. You may not be able to tell from the swatch, but it’s hard to miss on your cheeks once it’s been blended. The dynamic, interesting finish kind of reminds me of the finish of a MAC charm Powder. as for wear time, I get about six or seven hours.

Have we met before? sort of. Crisp Whites looks a lot like light peach launch Away blush from Hey, Sailor! to me, except with large quantities of golden pearl. It’s not the same color. It’s a little different.

For whom would it work well? Lighter lasses, for sure, particularly ones with warm undertones in their skin, who also happen to love shimmery blushes.

How do I feel about Crisp Whites? For me, I feel lukewarm about it… I need a lotta layers to fire it up on my skin, but yet the pearl is too plentiful for my pores and fine lines.

This one’s a challenging tabby… It’s not so light that it looks chalky or anything, but I do feel like it might be a tad too pale for this makeup-loving maiden to pull off. I probably won’t be reaching for it often unless I mix it with something much more intense, like Hipness.

I do like how it blends, though. It’s smoother than a good ballad.

MAC wash and dry collection Powder blush in Crisp Whites on my NC42 skin
MAC wash and dry collection Powder blush in Crisp Whites
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