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You may be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Není to právě průzkum. Je to mnohem více neustále vyvíjející se (devolní?), Poněkud náhodný seznam obav, které jsem dal návštěvníkům každou pondělí ráno za posledních sedm let. (Je to jako kickstart pro váš mozek.) Vždycky jsem potěšen čtením vašich odpovědí v komentářích, stejně jako doufám, že se vám líbí v čtení dolu.

When your energy is low, what provides you a quick boost?
Coffee…which I can’t have best now, as well as feline naps.

Hoh! feline naps. as well as I don’t really have to be in a horizontal setting to partake of a feline nap either since I’m like Tabs in that I can nap quite much anywhere, any type of time (once I fell asleep standing up on MUNI, SF’s metro line, which is like the crown jewel of napping).

Even if I can just slip in a five-minute nap, I’m best as rain, however if a nap is out of the question, then a vigorous walk outside commonly likewise does the trick.

Mini gown or shrunken jacket?
For the record, this concern is difficult to response when you’re massively expecting since either option would look additional teeny small juxtaposed with le tum.

But, uh…I assumption I’d choose the small dress, however only if it’s black, stretchy as well as has long sleeves, since it’s chilly best meow, as well as I’d wear it with tights, booties as well as my BlankNYC synthetic leather jacket, which I haven’t been able to zip up because September. Lol!

Are you using your hair up today or down?
Mine’s up in a untidy bun since it’s raining today, as well as when it’s raining, I don’t even want to bother…

What’s one of the most unforgettable makeup looks you’ve done?
I always keep in mind one I did with the MAC Maleficent collection. I was truly out of my comfort zone since of all the highlighting as well as contouring as well as the cut crease as well as the brows for days.

Do you wear makeup daily?
Nope, not really, however I utilized to! Heck, I’d put on concealer just to go get the mail, however now I’m great going bare dealt with to run tasks or opt for a walk or, yes, even get the mail.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love, love, like using makeup, as well as I wear it at least five or six days a week…but in some cases I believe it’s likewise good to not have to fuss with it.


Tvůj tah. just copy as well as paste the complying with concerns into a comment with your answers. I look ahead to reading ’em!

1. When your energy is low, what provides you a quick boost?
2. small gown or shrunken jacket?
3. Are you using your hair up today or down?
4. What’s one of the most unforgettable looks you’ve done?
5. Do you wear makeup daily?


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

I was just about to type, “This is the very first Monday Poll of the new Year, so you much better get up in the mix!” when I felt something staying with my lipgloss, as well as then I looked down at my white tee as well as realized that Tabs, who was hardcore loving on me (he states hi, BTW), left a half a pound of feline hair in his wake…

I assumption that’s one thing that hasn’t altered in 2016! I’m still sitting right here in front of my computer with a shag carpet of feline hair on me, haha!

I’m in a excellent mood today, my friend, as well as I hope you are, too, however if you’re dragging — as well as I can completely comprehend that, seeing as exactly how it’s the very first Monday back after the holidays — here’s a dose of great energy to assist you get with your morning…



I hope you felt that. since I don’t mind sharing. great vibes all around, man.

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