Gloss + liquid Lipstick + discolor = MAC Versicolour Varnish cream Lip discolor

Creamy, shiny, slick! The new $22 MAC Versicolour Varnish cream Lip spots are offered meow
Not once, however twice over the past week have I wondered aloud, “What is this exactly?”

The very first time I was out getting dinner with the family.


Actually, it was during dessert (I got spumoni ice cream, which, who’d a thunk that cherry, pistachio as well as chocolate would go so well together?).

The second time was the very first time I was trying the new MAC Versicolour cream Varnish Lip Stains.

I wonder… What’s the plural of doe-foot??
These creamy, shiny glosses are kinda different as well as cool. They have a non-sticky formula, as well as they fade over time to a matte lip stain. They are available in a whole lot of colors, too, for $22.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

I believe one of the reasons I like them so much is since they feel like my preferred MAC glosses…which I can’t recall the name of best now.

Dangit! What are those called again? I’m having a brain fart… They’re the moisturizing ones that feel thinner than a Lipglass? Something-something glasses?

Not Lipglass. Not Dazzleglass…

Počkejte! — CREMESHEEN GLASS! Aaah!

The Versicolours feel just like them, only thinner.

“Captivate with a lip colour hybrid that’s glossier, higher protection as well as harder effect than ever before. Its watery-light formula glides on creamy as well as comfortable to impart long-wearing, saturated full protection as well as an always-fresh wet finish. discover entrancement in its 12-hour, intense discoloring power – appealing to last far into the day as well as night.”


When they go on, they’re extremely pigmented as well as shiny. It’s like, BAM! — color as well as shine. as well as that goes for all of them.

Over the next 10 minutes or so they begin to feel thicker — practically like a liquid lipstick — as well as fade into a stain.

Even though I’m much more drawn to the dark pinks as well as reds in the collection, I believe the very best shade of the whole lot is rosy nude Bitten Babe since it doesn’t discolor my lips unevenly like the other colors do to where I get a dark or bright area in the middle of my lips, which then fades into a lighter discolor toward the edge of my lips.

I assumption that’s a high fashion-y lip look, however I’m partial to evenly discolored color, a la Bitten Babe, which I’ve been using a ton. It starts as a glossy, rosy pink however turns into a nude pink discolor by midday, where it lasts for about four hours.

Fresh coat of Bitten Babe
After two hours…
Více Deets …

They aren’t especially moisturizing or drying…so they’re somewhere in the middle in terms of moisture.

Unsurprisingly for MAC, they odor like vanilla, as well as I don’t spot a flavor.

They don’t work out into my lip lines (yay!).

The darker spots last longest — like 6-7 hours.

The reds all kinda look alike on me… Go figure.

Try to stop Me
Crushing It
Varnishly Red

Bitten Babe
Peach Aflush
Shock It To Me
Uvízl v lásce
Serial Stain
Like Candy
To The Extreme


If I had to choose just one of them, it would be Bitten Babe, babe. It’s a winner.

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