L’Occitane Shea Butter gentle Toner

L’Occitance is a brand that I don’t tend to turn to for facial skincare – their biggest draw for me is their Shea Butter Hand Cream.  I decided to give their Shea Butter gentle Toner ($25 for 200ml) a try since it’s meant to be both gentle and moisturizing, plus it’s alcohol free.  I got this for “free” last year when I redeemed my optimum points at shoppers drug Mart.

It comes in a substantial plastic bottle with a spray pump which is a nice addition for a toner – I tried spraying directly onto my face but it is NOT a fine mist (like taking a hose to the face!), so I just spray onto a cotton pad.  I do like having a spray nozzle, as it is more controlled to use compared to a pour bottle – 5 sprays is enough to soak a cotton pad.

The toner has a faint shea scent which isn’t overwhelming and a smell that I do enjoy, but it may not be to everyone’s preference.  It removes any remaining residue after my 2 step cleansing (oil cleansing, then micellar water) and it provides a hydrated skin surface to receive serums and moisturizers.

The second ingredient after water is cornflower water, which is purported to be soothing and a decongestant. I was worried about the inclusion of bitter orange extract as sometimes orange extracts irritate my skin but I’ve not reacted to this.

The only nit-picky thing I would say is that the spray tube doesn’t reach ALL the way down to the bottom of the bottle, so when I’m down to the last cm at the bottom, I won’t be able to get all the product out.  (Aside, Greenworks household cleaners have already solved this problem! They created a “Smart Tube Technology” where the spray tube is moulded into the bottle and runs the whole length of the bottle so you can get every last drop – ingenious!)

• spray nozzle for easy dispensing
• gentle and soothing formula
• hydrating ingredients including glycerin, shea butter extract
• bez alkoholu
• vyrobeno ve Francii

• fragranced
• short spray tube
• bitter orange extract may be irritating for some skin
• more expensive than other comparable products

Stash worthiness: 7/10

Interesting to note: the label on the front has raised bumps for braille.

Overall, I like this toner and would consider purchasing it.  In fact, I’m curious to try other L’Occitane skincare, starting with the Shea Cleansing Oil.  Has anyone else used L’Occitane facial skincare?

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