New to Me: Teeez Cosmetics

I heard about Teeez Cosmetics being available at Hudson’s Bay from Jodi of A Brash attitude a couple of weeks ago. then I happen to walk by the charm Underground section in the Bay downtown and saw the new counter that has been set up (sadly, it replaced the Anna Sui counter! AS is still available at select charm boutiques at consumers though). Although the counter is quite sparse looking best now, the eye catching packaging of the Teeez Cosmetics products much more than makes up for it. I had a good chat with the SA and I ended up getting these items:

Aren’t they so fun? When I first saw the packaging, I thought they looked like a mix of urban Decay and benefit Cosmetics.

Teeez Cosmetics originated from the Netherlands. apparently this is one of those brands that got wider distribution through monthly subscription boxes – when I googled Teeez Cosmetics, I get results for Ipsy and Glossybox. It’s quite innovative and takes its cues from fashion. Teeez releases 4 collections a year – the core product items remain consistent but the colours are updated for each collection. The current collection is called “Sugar Rush“. and of course, the most distinct part of the products is the colourful artwork adorning the packaging – these are developed by art students, according to the SA. Here’s what I picked up in much more detail:

Spectrum of stars Eyeshadows in Vanilla Sunbeam and Smokey rose ($24 each)

I was right away drawn to these eye shadows. all of them are duochrome finishes! and the formula has a cushy feel and smoothness like a cream product, but they’re powder products. some of the shades are quite “out there” for me but these 2 look wearable yet interesting. The packaging is also very distinct – they’re in ping pong sized golden orbs!

Beautiful Eyes flat stiff brush ($26)

I’m a total moth to flame to makeup brushes and what really drew me into this – besides the colourful deal with – was the amazing shape and the shorter than normal deal with length (I put it side by side with the MAC 239SH, and they’re nearly identical!). This will certainly stand apart in the sea of black-handled makeup brushes in my collection!

Chain of stones nail Lacquer in Melted Copper ($15)

My resolve to not purchase any nail polish has completely faded this month… this polish is beautiful! It’s a metallic copper with a scatter holographic shimmer. Hmmmmg. They also had a purple version called amazing amethyst – depending on how much I like the formula, I may pick that shade up too!

Whenever I check out a makeup counter of a brand that I’m not familiar with, I always ask these questions of the SA:
1) What are your bestsellers?
2) What are your own personal favourite items from this line?
Often, the answers to those 2 questions are quite different. I really delight in recommendations from the SAs because they use these products day in day out. The SA showed me these items as her favourites:

• sealed with a Kiss Lipduo – a matte lipstick on one end and a matching liquid lip lacquer on the other
• glitter Gossip Lash and liner – features a hybrid mascara wand with an eyeliner brush tip
I’m quite intrigued by the lipstick / gloss combo, actually! The glitter mascara topper / liner isn’t really my style, but I think it’s an innovative concept.

I’m looking forward to playing with these items and I’ll report back on my thoughts in a future post. This haul only cost me $9; I had $80 worth of Hudson’s Bay Reward points to redeem so I only paid $9 plus taxes.  In Canada, Teeez Cosmetics is available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay. have you tried anything from Teeez?

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