5 Lip colors to wear With brown Smoky Eyes

From the left: MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme D’Nude, MAC Amplified Lipstick In quick Play, MAC Amplified Lipstick in Brick-O-La, MAC Satin Lipstick in Mocha as well as MAC Matte Lipstick in woman Danger
Of all the many makeup machinations, styles as well as takes on smoky eyes (and there are A great deal of them; we’d seriously be right here up until next Tuesday if I tried to listing them all), brown smoky eyes are among můj oblíbený.

I know, so predictable. Homegirl likes brown, so of program she’d like brown smoky eyes, LOL! Yes, you have permission to laugh at me. It’s totally cool. We’re all buddies here.



There are many legitimate reasons to like brown smoky eyes. One is their versatility in terms of what you can wear on your lips with ’em. Like, with eco-friendly or blue smoky eyes, I feel like there aren’t as many lip colors you can wear with them, however brown smoky eyes go well with so many different shades! This is music to your ears, I bet, if you’re a lipstick hoarder like yours truly.

And what you select to pair them with totally modifications the vibe. just for fun, right here are five concepts for lip colors to wear with a brown smoky eye.


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1. A nude beige

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme D’Nude ($17)
This one’s a traditional smoky eye-lip pairing combo: the nude beige lip. The technique is to discover something pale, however not so pale that you look like you’re under the weather. I like nude shades with a bit bit of peach in them to warm things up, as well as an additional smooth formula, since some nudes look patchy on my dry, flaky lips.

Right now I’m all about MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme D’Nude, a creamy, peachy nude beige.

Tom Ford’s Sable Smoke is one more truly great one.

2. A neutral pink

MAC Amplified Lipstick In quick Play ($17)
You can’t go wrong with a neutral pink lip. They go with just about anything as well as work for day as well as night. You can likewise wear them with warm or cool-toned brown eyeshadows, as well as quick Play by MAC is a present fave.

3. A berry

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Brick-O-La ($17)
If you like more color on your lips, a berry shade, like MAC Brick-O-La, will draw interest to yo’ pout however won’t take over your entire look.

4. A brown

MAC Satin Lipstick in Mocha ($17)
Brown lips are back as well as totally having a moment right now with the ’90s revival, however if you wear brown on your eyes as well as brown on your lips, that can be, well…a lotta brown. With brown smoky eyes, I look for brown lip colors that have a bit bit of peach in them to break up the monotony of brown while keeping whatever in the exact same color family.

MAC Satin Lipstick in Mocha is a great one to try.

5. A red

MAC Matte Lipstick in woman risk ($17)
Last, however definitely not least, RED! It’s a remarkable choice, for sure and, in theory, it can seem like a great deal of look, however it works since the strong eye as well as lip balance each other out.

There are so many red lip choices out there. For my skin tone, I like yellow-based reds like MAC woman Danger, as well as if you’re a cooler-toned babe, try something like MAC Ruby Woo.

All of the colors mentioned above, by the way, are long-term shades, so they shouldn’t be vanishing off shelves any type of time soon.

What lip colors do you like to wear with brown smoky eyes? Dotazující mysli chtějí vědět.

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