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Identifikacetight bottoms, but then I gotten a pair of tall riding boots and needed some pants to wear with them.  Skinny jeans aren’t my go-to pants of choice but they do look good with tall boots.

12. combat boots or Uggs?
Neither, I have ankle boots, riding style boots and booties, but I don’t own combat boots or Uggs. I have nothing against combat boots – it’s just not my style.  And Uggs… UGGGH, don’t get me started except to say: Uggs are NOT indicated for outdoor wintertime usage.  They look so absurd and I hope they all get ruined by salt stains.

I am thinking of getting a pair of Blundstone boots though – they’re a bit a lot more rugged than I usually go for, but I like how they look.  Has any individual owned a pair?

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Pre-2015 PSL was worth the hype! I finally tried the new reformulated PSL at Starbucks a few weeks ago on the first day of autumn and it was a disappointingly boring sugary flavour without the warmth or spice.  However, I must say that disappointment prompted me to try a new flavour called Toasted Graham Latte (TGL) and that has now replaced PSL for me.  It is a warm, sweet, and comforting treat – like if BBW and Starbucks got together and made one of the BBW candles into a drink.

14. favorite autumn TV show?
I don’t really enjoy TV or follow any shows so I’m sorry I can’t answer this question! I know that my bf likes to enjoy walking Dead and game of Thrones so I guess that’s what WE are looking forward to.

15. What song really gets you into the Autumn spirit?
Not really sure if there’s an autumn song, but I mean it’s the songs that we’d listen to when we went back to school (university) so they’re all usually drinking songs.  Here’s one: home for a rest by Spirit of the West

I just observed a couple of questions missing from this version that I saw on Ryane’s post so I’ll add them now:

Favorite type of pie?
Jablko! preferably à la Mode.

What do you think about Black Friday?
In Canada, Black Friday isn’t associated with Thanksgiving considering that our Thanksgiving occurs in October. So Black Friday never used to be a thing at ALL. and about 5 years ago, merchants here started using special Black Friday sales in November to coincide with the American Thanksgiving, and they even started opening early just like in the US. I’ve only started to partake in Black Friday a couple of years ago – generally at Sephora (are you surprised?) – I even went to the malls early to get the best deals. I got some good stuff and overall, I’d say that I gotten lots of stuff I didn’t really need. the most beneficial item I gotten on Black Friday is my wintertime coat from Aritzia and I only got 10% off it. This year I won’t be going out due to my No-Buy!

And finally, considering that this is the sweater weather Tag, this is the kind of sweater I’d like to wear these days:

Source (Andrea crews bodysuit)

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