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The makeup as well as appeal blog Monday Poll for September 29, 2014
Můžete se divit, “Tak co v tarnaci je tento pondělí průzkum?”

Není to právě průzkum. Je to mnohem více pravidelně vyvíjející se (devolní?), Poněkud náhodný seznam obav, které jsem dal návštěvníkům každou pondělí ráno za posledních sedm let. (Je to jako kickstart pro váš mozek.) Vždycky jsem si potěšil čtení vašich odpovědí v komentáři, stejně jako doufám, že si budete mít radost ze čtení dolu.

Stay in or go out?
Pojďme ven! Take me somewhere I’ve never been before, as well as show me something I’ve never seen.

A piece of makeup you can’t stop wearing?
Laura Mercier’s Smooth surface perfect Fluide Foundation.

Ach! It’s the stuff of legend. full coverage, feels lighter than Fred Astaire looks on his toes, smoothes out pores, as well as it’s a lot more comfortable than a excellent pair of socks.

If you won the lottery, what’s the very first thing you’d do?
I desire I might state I’d do something eccentric or elegant like hopping on the extremely very first airplane to Kauai with nothing however the clothes on my back, or going to an animal shelter as well as proclaiming, “I will take all of the kitties!” however things like that would have to wait up until after I took care of some functional things first.

Assuming I’d already signed the back of the ticket as well as hidden it away in a safe location, the very first thing I’d do is discover a great lawyer, then a great monetary advisor — both of whom have substantial experience shepherding lottery winners.

I assumption I’m just tiring as well as accountable that way…

What posters as well as pics did you have on your walls growing up?
Oh, man, I had so much random crap on my walls when I was a teen. I keep in mind a significant new youngsters on the block poster; I believe they were all sitting on a stoop as well as smiling up at the camera. It was hung ideal underneath a framed photo of five kittens, each a different color, that my mommy embroidered by hand.

But my pride as well as happiness was a Nagel-esque photo of an ’80s woman with a single tear rolling down her cheek as well as a subtitle that read, “Memories…” My granny got it for me from a poster store at the Newpark shopping center for my sixteenth birthday.

I desire I still had that thing…

Oh, as well as I likewise had a motion picture poster for Casablanca hanging just above my desk.

Do opposites attract?
Jistě proč ne? based on my dating experiences, though (mind you, I’m happily married now as well as have been with the exact same person for 13 years), I believe it’s much easier on the connection when you’re not regularly at chances with each other over hot-button topics like religion, politics, youngsters — that kind of thing.


Tvůj tah. Stačí kopírovat, stejně jako vložit dodržování obav do komentáře s vašimi odpověďmi. Dívám se dopředu, abych četl ’em!

1. stay in or go out?
2. A piece of makeup you can’t stop wearing?
3. If you won the lottery, what’s the very first thing you’d do?
4. What posters as well as pics did you have on your walls growing up?
5. Do opposites attract?

Good Monday morning, my friend.

I always make my very first cup of coffee additional big on Monday mornings…and then I treat myself to a few minutes of Karl.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Here is your Karl Lagerfeld quote for the week:

“Change is the healthiest method to survive.”

– Karl Lagerfeld


Word, Karl… Word. We may disagree on sweatpants, however we’re in tune on this.

Vaše přátelské společenství odvolání závislý,


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