Saturday Surfing, Nov. 27, 2021!

just a little meow time!
Welcome to the weekend. truth be told, the last few days have all felt like a Saturday with the holiday and all. hard to believe Thanksgiving has come and gone… I don’t know why, but I continue to be shocked by how quickly the days sneak up on me this time of year!

It’s a sunny day here in Novato, and I’ll be taking it easy today. I’ll be doing some intense Netflixing because there’s a new season of “Selling Sunset” out.


I can already feel my brain melting…

Yes, it’s cheesy, and I don’t really have any interest in the Los Angeles real estate market, but I enjoy it because my brain can completely turn off while I watch it.

After lunch I’m taking Connor ice skating! We went ice skating together for the first time when we were in Tahoe last weekend, and she picked up on it pretty quickly. She’s been eager to get back on the ice ever since, and there’s a temporary ice skating rink at the Northgate mall nearby in San Rafael, so that’s where we’re going.

Also, before we head out, I’m going to try to not eat this entire box of satsuma oranges I got at Trader Joe’s the other day… DANG! Satsumas are where it’s at, girl. They’re so easy to peel and so soft and juicy… If you see them at the store, grab them! TAK DOBRÉ.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Tento týden čtení

Řekni, co?! Are thin eyebrows back?

Do probiotics have any benefits for skin?

Seriously, I can’t wait to see lady Gaga in the new “House of Gucci” movie. Here’s how her makeup and hair team transformed her look for the film.

I’m a huge fan of this eyeshadow placement, and I especially love a diffused spotlight of shimmery peach or pink in the inner corner.

12 scents for people who prefer perfumes that aren’t overly sweet.

Oh, my! Cats have driven these species toward extinction.

How ballet companies are planning covid-free performances of “Nutcracker.”

“Clean” (airquotes) shampoos for curly hair.

In case you were looking for a new nail polish remover that doesn’t destroy your nails…

I love learning about color theory.


I’m loving all the sequins and the energy.

Bridal makeup is my favorite.

Drop that knowledge on me.

But what if we had one of these for humans…

pouliční styl


I hope the rest of the weekend treats you well! I hope you have some time to relax.

Vaše přátelské sousedství krásy závislý,


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